11:11 Soundscape Journey into Stillness | Danielle Abisaab

DATE: Sunday 10-11-2019

TIME: 11:11 am > 1:11 pm

PRICE: $30 | LP 45.000

REGISTER: unionsquareyoga@gmail.com

In light of the current situation (both local and global), and in response to your many requests for classes to appease the tension, please join me for a two hours very special class, comprised of Restorative Yoga poses followed by a Sound Meditation. Think of it as a soundscape journey into stillness.

Using our body and breath as vessels to journey inward, and sound as the ultimate instrument to listen deeply, creates conditions for our physical, energetic, emotional bodies to release, recover and heal from excess stress, tension, anxiety and fear. This special two hours class is also designed to remind us of the profound synchronicity and shifts occurring during these challenging yet beautiful times, by bringing more awareness to our present thoughts and feelings

I am intentionally holding this class a day short of 11-11 to optimize your chance for attendance on a Sunday v/s a Monday, but also mainly because any day in November (11thMonth) holds the vibration of the number 11

In numerology, 11 is a Master Number, an energetic portal associated with higher realms and spiritual awakenings. It is said to symbolize the idea that while we may appear to be separate individuals, we are really all connected and part of a greater whole waiting to bring profound transformation

I don’t know about you, but I find it to be unquestionably resonant with what is unfolding for us these days. Come and find out for yourself

SPOTS ARE LIMITED – REGISTER BY EMAIL: unionsquareyoga@gmail.com

Danielle Abisaab