Dear USQY Fam,

As much as we would have loved to keep offering our space and programs to support your wellbeing through these anxiety provoking times, we have decided to close Union Square Yoga momentarily, effective as of now. It was not an easy decision, but most likely a sensible and respectful one to make, as social distancing is proving most effective in slowing down the virus’s stampede. This global crisis is highlighting the ineffable proof of how interwoven we all are and is calling for ethical measures in taking responsibility for ourselves and for others alike, so here we are.

During this time, we will be pausing any memberships and offering grace period extensions for class packages expiration dates.

We are also encouraging you to start developing a home daily routine, honoring the current needs of your entire being. Try your best not to get caught up in technique or performance, but rather tune inward and trust the intelligence of your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies in guiding you through your practice. Unroll your mat and listen deeply to what is arising, to what is needed and then respond by moving, breathing, and being still accordingly. Smile a lot during too. These are one of the many keys to remaining healthy and centered in the midst of chaos.

Another option in maintaining a regular practice should you rather be led, is to subscribe to our studio founder’s online platform: where she offers a wide selection of themed classes. In light of the economic situation in Lebanon and restrictions on credit cards, please let her know by email ( should you encounter difficulties in signing up (7 days free trial | $15 per month) and she will give you access and organize cash payment at a later stage. Please share this with your network, followers and friends.

Practice self-compassion and keep reminding yourself that every contraction is followed by an expansion, nothing ever stays the same, and everything passes. The most important part of moving through these unknown and confusing times is in how we all respond, so let us consciously choose to respond with grace and calm, while envisioning, co-creating and hoping for a more enlightened and awakened world, once we emerge from this global crisis…

As we leave you with a little inspirational text below, we remain at your disposal for anything you may need….you are not alone.

With love, always.


We are all interwoven in an incredible energetic dance. We have all been dancing to the same beat for as long as we have been aware and we all know the moves. We know them so well that we have been doing them blindly, just going through the motions. Lately, something has been different, the music is changing. This new music doesn’t seem to have a familiar pattern, it changes and flows in multiple directions seemingly all at once. 

It’s hard to keep up, there are so many different beats and sounds to follow. People are bumping into each other, falling down and many are fighting. Nobody knows what is happening, there is lots of fear and everything seems chaotic. 

Some people seem to be moving with the music, they seem to have flow. They look free and as if they are one with the music. They are not bumping into people, just swerving around them yet their eyes are closed. The music seems to be moving them, guiding them in ever-changing patterns. They are all moving differently and yet totally in synch with some greater flow.

There is a secret to this new dance, a way to join the flow. The secret is to let go of the old way and forget the old dance, this one works differently. This one asks you to surrender to each step. It asks you to trust where it is taking you. The moves cannot be learned or memorized. To tune into this new dance, you must feel what moves you. You must tune into yourself and only flow with what your inner being resonates to, to the truth that pulsates through your veins and to the spirit that moves you. There are many different rhythms, sounds and directions but there is one that is for you…one that can only be recognized from within you. Only you can know when to move fast or slowly, when to change direction and when to rise and fall. Your body knows the rhythm that it was created for. It knows how to embody the flow and what moves it. Watch the beauty. Become a witness but don’t interfere, the steps must reveal themselves as they arrive. That’s the secret

The music has changed, it is more dynamic than ever before. We no longer move to the same rhythm as everyone else. We all have our own dance within the greater dance of life. We all have a flow to follow. One step at a time, fearlessly, we tune in, trust and surrender