Discovering Mindfulness | M.B.S.R. and M.B.C.T. Practices | Ana Larriu

This class is not a western twist on Buddhist Meditation.

This class is not a relaxation method to empty the mind.

This class will not lead you to enlightenment.

This class is not a blissful break from reality.

This class is the Beautiful Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program. Created by Professor Jon Kabat Zin in 1979.



Based on neuroscience, psychology & clinical evidence, developed for Therapeutic purposes :

·       Physical and Mental health

·       Burnout and Stress Management

·       Leadership and Management

·       Children and Parenting


Break cycle of stress, anxiety, depression, unhappiness and / or exhaustion.

Keep up with hyper demands of our modern digital era.

Promote “joie de vivre”: resilience, wellbeing, optimism.


Training of the attention, to observe and KNOW what is here, right now, inside and outside ourselves. An honest rapport with reality. A reconnection with our selves and others.


Awakening from the Automatic Pilot. Stress Regulation. Mental clarity and agility. Balanced Energy and Hormonal levels

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Programs are recommended by UK’s National Institute for Health and Care. They are as effective as medication for preventing anxiety and depression.

NOT SUITABLE FOR the delusional, those who wish to repress, resist, avoid &/or deny reality.

MBSR MINDFULNESS is a door we knock on, to meet our real selves. Come on in.



Born in Spain and raised all over the world.

With a major in economics and a masters’ degree in marketing, her career starts in multinational ad agencies. Following a burnout, she launches her own business in furniture-design and her consultancy activity in space-planning & decoration, still present up to date.

In 2004, health challenges redirect her professional path. Turning to alternative therapies, Ana unfolds her healing potential and becomes a Pranic Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Space Dowser. During these 15 years, first as a student, then as a teacher, she is introduced to countless meditations techniques that restore her physical and mental wellbeing.

Recently, Ana takes her meditation to the next level and retrains as a Workplace Mindfulness Instructor based on M.B.C.T. from founding director of Oxford University Mindfulness Center.

Her WELLNESS @ WORK PROGRAM© a Mindful Leadership Program, adapted for the sensitive Lebanese population is introduced in 2018.

Loving her man, raising their 3 daughters and infiltrating “the system” with consciousness, has become her purpose.