EMBODY * A Self-Love & Sensuality Workshop with Nadia Munla (US) 

DATE: Saturday March 30

TIME: 10:00 am > 1:00 pm

PRICE: $60

REGISTER: unionsquareyoga@gmail.com



Join Nadia Munla, a womxn’s coach and creator of Embody, a sensual movement class taught by 15 different teachers around the US.

Whether you are in a relationship, looking for “the one” or in love with single life, this workshop will have you feeling sexy from the inside out through self-love & sensuality practices that will turn on your own Shakti energy.

You will learn how to:

– Free yourself from the shackles of choreography by exploring what feels good instead of what looks good.

– Embody your YES and your NO so you can show up powerful and confident with your current or future partner.

– Learn how to source love and sensuality from the inside out so that you become magnetic, inspiring & unapologetically YOU.

For anyone who identifies as womxn or femme. No dance or movement experience necessary at all!


Nadia is an Embodiment Coach who guides womxn to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their body. She is immensely passionate about supporting womxn in their journey back to their embodied essence so they can feel vibrant, alive, feminine & free again.

Through her one-on-one coaching, Embody dance classes & Embody teacher training Nadia has guided thousands of women across 5 continents on their journey back to themselves. You can find her at www.nadiamunla.com, embodydanceclass.com, or join the conversation at The Embody Tribe FB group.