Men’s Circle | STARTS FEB 22 | A Series of Workshops for Men | Rony Mecattaf 

DATES > SATURDAYS | February 22 | March 28 | April 25 | May 30 | June 27 | September 26 | October 31 | November 21 | December 19 |

TIME > 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

LOCATION > Union Square Yoga

PRICE > $650 for 9 modules (low-revenue individuals: $500) | Registration and payment due by February 12 | SPOTS LIMITED



The workshops include:

 Specific Men-Centered Themes

 Guided Meditation

 Men’s Yoga

 Sharing Circle

 Consciousness expanding techniques

This series consists of pre-scheduled encounters that will happen on nine Saturday mornings (10:00 am to 12:30pm) throughout 2020. Though many of the Personal Development workshops and Yoga classes are gathering more and more men, a majority of them are still composed of mostly female participants. This series, reserved for men, is an invitation to re-visit the (thankfully) antiquated Men’s Club formula, to address themes pertaining to Personal Growth and Healing, as opposed to cigar-smoking, political analyses and binge-alcohol drinking rituals.

The sessions will each address specific themes (masculinity, spirituality, emotional self, leadership, fatherhood, work-life balance…) allowing participants to explore and share their unique experience of those themes.


Executive Coach, Gestalt-Psychotherapist and Shamanic Guide, Rony is a Healing Catalyst. His journey has been nurtured through rich encounters, travels and the ways of Gestalt-Therapy, Kashmiri Yoga, Buddhism, Peruvian and Mexican Shamanism, and Sufism.

He is the initiator of the Echmoun Center in Rachana, a center designed and constructed with respect for nature and the environment, conducive to quiet introspection, self-discovery and deep healing.