NEW 6 MODULES COURSE ** Tantrik Sound Alchemy with Zena El Khalil

COURSE TITLE  Tantrik Sound Alchemy
A 40-Day Transformative Experience through Nāda Yoga and Sacred Sound
COURSE DATES * 6 Modules
– Friday January 10, 17, 24, 31
– Saturday February 1
– Friday February 7
TIME 6-8pm
PRICE 250.000 LP
REGISTER +961 3 562 259
Breakdown of classes:
– 30-45 min of teachings which will include Nāda Yoga, Tantrik philosophy, Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism, Sound as medicine, breath work
– 30-45 min of singing and practical experience of Tantrik toning, chanting and intuitive singing
– Q & A
In these 40 days, Zena el Khalil will lead you through a transformative experience through tantra and mantra meditation, gently tuning your body to receive the most profound mystical union through the yoga of sound. Find your voice, express and sing your heart’s true desire, all the while diving deep into Tantrik philosophy, Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism, the basics of Sanskrit and sound as medicine for the soul. Dancing on the subtle creative pulse of the Universe as it manifests into living form, we will commune with the Divine chanting mantras for Love, Healing, Abundance and Peace. We will learn how to listen deeply and develop a sweet connection to the intimacy of life, learning to harmonize your whole being with your true and natural state which can be described as consciousness, bliss, and infinite potential.
What you will get out of this course
  • Learn ancient Tantrik practices and texts
  • Discover mantra and sound based meditation
  • Tune your body to receive subtle sound based transformations
  • Develop a daily practice that you will be able to maintain by yourself
  • Learn the basics of Sanskrit
  • Discover the Cosmic Laws of Correspondence and Vibration
  • Embody Peace, Love, Abundance and Healing
  • Overflow with inner fullness
  • Establish harmonic connections with the world around you
  • Trust and celebrate the process of life
Module 1: Tantra, The Mystical Union through Sound and the Basics of Sanskrit
– Introduction to sound based meditation, Tantra and Sanskrit
– Consciousness and Self Realization
– The Yoga and Language of Vibration
– Importance of pronunciation, alphabet, formless into form, sound/resonance into form, healing frequencies, Cymatics, the mystical union through sound
– Technicalities on how to use your māla
Module 2: The Matrichakra; Mantras and Subtle Vibration to Tune Your Body
– The Matrichakra and the body
– Mantras of the chakras
– Sound healing / vibration basics
Module 3: Abundance, Deep Listening and The Hum
– Mantra for Abundance
– Learning to listen, to receive and to forgive
– Humming techniques
Module 4: Love, The Vijñānabhairava and Rumi
– Mantra for Love
– Selected texts from The Vijñānabhairava
– Developing embodied intimacy
– Introduction to whirling (depending on amount of people)
Module 5: Divine Embodiment, The Radiance Sutras and the Compassionate Heart
– Loving beyond all reason
– The Union of Śiva Śakti
– Embodied whirling (depending on amount of people)
Module 6: Peace, Harmony, Connection, Integration
– Mantra for Peace
– Personal integration
– How do we take this work out into the world