NEW WEEKLY CLASS * Moment of Mindfulness with Ana Larriu

We are thrilled to announce we are adding one new class on our schedule as of January 2019


TIME: 9:30 am > 10:30 am

PRICE: 25.000 LP Drop-in or use your class package

REGISTER: by sms only +961 3 562 563




Light is the awareness that will awaken us into the miracle of who we were always meant to be.

In our over-wired, over stimulated, multitask digital era we often feel lost & disconnected. We tend to forget that our profound life-force is accessible to us by simply turning inwards. For Ana Larriu, reconnection with oneself is the answer & meditation is the way. Her wish is to teach this practice with simplicity, honesty & ease.

Based on Ana’s teachers Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach, the purpose of this class is to initiate anyone & everyone to Mindfulness: a non-religious, centuries-old meditation technique. It trains the mind to be fully present without any judgment. It is easy, accessible, simple, cool & oh so beautiful. It teaches us to pass from reaction to reflexion, from fear to love. More than a technique, it is a way of life, that can be applied to anything we do, or don’t do.

The immediate benefits are calm induction, stress regulation, concentration, focus & reconnection with our body. Then, follows the mental agility & clarity which enables us to develop resilience in the face of instability & change. The end results is embracing a more profound & meaningful life.

Mindfulness is the door we knock on to greet our real selves.
Come on in.


Born in Spain & raised all over the world: American by upbringing, Lebanese by marriage, French by culture.

With a major in economics & a masters degree in marketing, her career sets off in cutting edge international ad agencies. Settled in Beirut in 2003, she shifts into the world of design, launching “WOODSTOCK” her furniture brand together with her consultancy activity in space planning & interior decoration.

At a young age Ana already feels, sees & plays with energy. But it isn’t till health issues challenge her in 2004 that she rediscovers her gifts. Turning to alternative therapies for her own healing, Ana embraces her potential & becomes a Pranic Healer, Reiki practitioner & Certified Space Dowser.

During these last 15 years she is initiated to a myriad of meditations, which turn out to be survival techniques transforming her anxiety, pain, depression, trauma, addictions & self-abuse into love & compassion.

In 2018 she becomes a Mindfulness teacher & is currently finalizing her Mindfulness Instructor Certification for the Corporate World. Her own “Wellness @ Work Program” is already being taught in local companies. Ana believes in a more conscious world.  & that by infiltrating our economic system with loving-awareness, change will flourish from within.

Loving her man, raising their 3 daughters & shedding glitter & light where ever she can, has become her life’s intention.