DATE Thursday July 23

TIME 6:00 pm > 9:00 pm

PRICE 150.000 LBP

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Come dive into the vast and healing depths of who you are through breath, energy, sound and dance.



The world is experiencing unprecedented change, and change can be scary. This time, where many of us are facing new and profound fears around health and stability, is also an opportunity to discover new keys to wellness.

Join Elie and Lara for a workshop to explore some of these tools: breath, energy, singing and dance.

We will explore the Wim Hof breathing technique, a simple but powerful tool to cleanse the nervous system and boost the immune system. This is particularly important given today’s circumstances. This is also a tool you can take home with you and easily incorporate into your daily life.

We will also demystify energy, learning to feel energy in ourselves and with others. We will use this as a healing tool to learn to ground ourselves and cleanse our energetic body.

To wrap up the workshop, we will close with Kirtan music. Kirtan is one of the easiest ways to access our hearts and the hearts of others, and to experience the love and consciousness that unites us all, through repetition, community, rhythm and joy.

All levels and experiences welcome. In the workshop we will cover the following.

-Breath: The Wim Hof Method

-Energy: Introduction to Energy Healing

Dance and Sing!