REUSI DAT TON Workshop | A self healing system with Sukha Hassane Mourad

DATE Saturday June 1st

TIME 10:00 am > 1:00 pm




Self-healing – A traditional Thai perspective | We are all healers and we can all heal.

Imagine going into a room and noticing a loved one in pain, physically or emotionally; how would you react?

The answer to this question seems to be universal and timeless.

The first thing we would do is lay our hands on them in a loving, comforting and, most importantly, healing manner.

This is healing; intuitive, simple, straight forward and natural.

During this workshop we shall tap into our innate ability to self-heal. We will understand how to take care of ourselves; and, how we may expand our ability to treat others.

The first part (1 hour) will feature a brief history and overview of Traditional Thai Medicine followed by a theoretical introduction to the Thai perspective on healing. We will learn how to look at our bodies as being made of Earth/Water, animated by Fire/Wind; while, occupying Space. We will also learn about Sen (Pathways), Thai points, 32 body parts, 32 Kwan (Animating spirit), wind gates, heart mind and more. Finally, we shall discuss the Thai understanding of dis-ease and imbalance causation to guide our healing choices and actions.

The second part (2 hours) will feature a practical introduction to Reusi Dat Ton (Commonly known as Thai yoga), an ancient self-healing system that is a major aspect of Traditional Medicine in Thailand. us: The system consists of self-massage, dynamic movement, postures, stretching, breathing exercises, mantras, visualization and meditation. Its principal purpose is to cultivate and explore one’s own body and mind, while understanding how they function.

This slow paced, gentle and low-impact practice is suitable for all levels and body types with no previous yoga experience required.

Session to feature: – Basic breathing technique – Full-body joint mobilization sequence – Self-massage sequence – Self-stretch sequence – Cooling-down sequence.

Session is not suitable for individuals with the following conditions: – Cardiac problems – Hypertension – Slipped disc – Severe osteoporosis


• A Participant’s Guide E-booklet, inclusive of all shared information, will be made available after the workshop

• Come on a light stomach, in comfortable attire and bring your favorite sitting cushion if you have one

Sukha Hassane Mourad is a friendly traveler who’s been immersed in the topic of self-healing for the last 9 years; flowing in spirals across Peru, Thailand and Lebanon. He’s been an avid student of Traditional Thai Medicine and a practitioner of Reusi Dat Ton for over 5 years. Received his bodywork and RDT teacher training in 2014, Chiang Mai.

A summary of his other studies, training and practice includes master plants, silence, mindfulness, yoga, sacred sexuality, tarot, dance and permaculture.