Sonic Journey into INTENTIONALITY | Restorative Yoga and Live Sound with DANIELLE ABISAAB

DATE Saturday December 28

TIME 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

PRICE 50.000 LP

REGISTER | This class fills up in a flash and spots are limited

“Intent is a force that exists in the universe“ Carlos Castaneda

We are about to enter a new era, a new decade, a new year, and like all transitions, this one is particularly challenging for all of us, not just here in Lebanon, but worldwide. In the last few months, 25 countries throughout the globe, have taken to the streets protesting against their governments, claiming their most basic human rights, rendering it clear that decrepit and century old systems are imploding, to make way for new paradigms more aligned with Equality, Truth, Love and Peace.

We all have the capacity to create our reality by monitoring and managing our thoughts. The world as we know it has manifested from thought energy, and the same way we have inadvertently created a world that is now drowning in hatred, injustice, violence and disregard for mother nature, we can create a world at the polar opposite of that. This is the power of intention. When we beckon intent with awareness and kindness, it comes to us and sets the path to attainment. In other words, we all have the capacity to accomplish and manifest our heart’s desires as modern-day “Sourcerers”….the ones who choose to connect and live from the Source.

Sonic Journeys are all about learning to drop in a space of non-judgmental presence of all that is as it is, enabling growth in our capacity to attain the level of awareness where previously inconceivable things become suddenly available.

If any of this reverberates some truth, come and immerse your self, in the sounds of ancient healing instruments. From gongs to singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes and more, these overtone-emitting instruments resonating in concert with the music in your cells, will activate the body’s natural healing systems, clear the subconscious, calm the mind, and transport you to a field of infinite possibilities.

Let’s take New Year resolutions to a much grander level, and activate the power of intention to create a sweeter new reality.

With Love and Harmonics