SONIC JOURNEY INTO SILENCE | Restorative Yoga and Meditation | Danielle Abisaab

DATE Friday December 13

TIME 6:00 pm> 8:30 pm

PRICE LP 50.000

REGISTER | This class fills up in a flash and spots are limited

Jolly season may have just gotten jollier!

Please join me on the flip side of craze and daze for a Sonic Journey into SILENCE, on Friday December 13 | 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

With everything that is happening outside of, and within ourselves, due to the ambient situation, the state of the country, the year coming to its closure, the noise in our heads, it is crucial that we practice tapping into our inner silence so that all external sounds and mental chatter fade away.

As dichotomous as it may seem, one way to access this inner silence is by placing our attention onto sound, as the ultimate guide gently accompanying us into the deeper and quieter layers of our being, where silence permanently resides.

This Sonic Journey is an acoustic adventure designed to explore the full spectrum between sound and silence, the same way a child plays with a light switch trying to find the place between off and on, curious and enchanted by moments that are neither one or the other, playing with that notion of the center. That center is the portal to our quietude and balance, and in that center everything drops.

If any of this resonates (pun intended) come and immerse your self, in the sounds of ancient healing instruments. From gongs to singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes and more, these overtone-emitting instruments resonating in concert with the music in your cells, will relax the body, clear the subconscious, calm the mind and activate the body’s natural healing systems.

With Love and Harmonics

Danielle Abisaab