Sounds of Silence | with Honeybee Henderson

DATE Saturday May 4

TIME 10:00 am > 1:00 pm




In the silence, everything awaits you. In nearly every spiritual tradition, we find movement and breath practices that help us connect to the greater wisdom within. From the Sufis to the Yogis to the indigenous tribes to the brand new babies, we all have inside of us everything we need – to flow, to move forward, to access our purpose. 

Honeybee Henderson will guide you through several organic shamanic practices to assist you in accessing your inner wisdom. Honeybee has been a seeker her entire life, which led her to deep study and initiations from ancient tribes all over the world. This workshop will give you tools for activation and for deep listening. 

BIO Honeybee Henderson ::

Spiritual Psychologist, Ceremonialist, Mystic, Honeybee has traveled the corners of the world in search of the greatest tools to align to the true Self.  In her work, she blends over 20 years of ancient practices with modern-day science to support people in attaining and maintaining alignment, a state of consciousness that allows connection to Flow.

As active seeker and student of – shamanic traditions, yoga, tantra, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Spiritual Psychology, Honeybee draws on the wisdom collected from saints and sages, Mother Nature and mystics, science and technology to support full activation of the human potential.

Her daily practice and devotion to Divine Mother, continues to bless her life in the most magical ways and allows her access to living in the flow.