DATE Saturday November 30

TIME 10:30 am to 12:30 pm



We’re excited to announce our second SPAYCE (@spayceyoga) Breathwork session! A journey through breath & sound hosted by Union Square Yoga (@unionsquareyoga).

As beautiful as this revolution in our country of Lebanon is, it has also left many of us experiencing intense stress and anxiety, not knowing what the future holds. This session will offer you the space to disconnect from everything that is going on externally, and an opportunity to connect inwards. A moment to be fully present and let go of the monkey mind.

Nour Elise will be leading the session, skillfully guiding you through dynamic conscious breathing and allowing you to embark on an inward journey supported by the sound of music.


  • Explore altered states of consciousness consciously and access higher realms of awareness
  • Allow, express and release emotions non-verbally and clear out any mental, emotional and physical blockages
  • Use the body’s innate power, intelligence and potential for self-healing and transformative experiences
  • Be inspired to live the fully expressed, truest version of yourself and reach greater levels of peace and love


  • Dress comfortably and warm
  • No food 2 hours prior
  • Bring with you:
    • Eye mask if you have one
    • Water bottle
    • Pen & paper or journal