Amelia Charles

Amelia has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga since 2013, in 6 different countries. Her RYS-200 certification is from Blue Nile Lotus (Khartoum Sudan) and she is affiliated with the colorful and soulful Laughing Lotus (NYC). Her dynamic flow classes are energetic, exploring breathwork aligned with fluid asana, building into spirited arm balances and liquid backbends.


“Amelia is both a thoughtful and energetic teacher. Her classes are a perfect mix of energizing exercises and relaxing poses so you always leave the class feeling restored and calm. The first part of the class is usually a thorough warm up leading up to a more challenging posture like inversions or balance poses. This is always the most fun part for me, I loved learning and practicing variations of the headstand or the bird of paradise! Her advice through each class has allowed me to improve basic postures and keep practicing more difficult ones on my own. No other teacher has challenged me this much!” Anonymous