Maysan Marouf

After several years of practicing yoga, Maysan completed the first 200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training Course held in Beirut in August 2014, primarily as a way of deepening her own practice. But by the end of the training she had developed the intention of sharing the gift of yoga with others, and since October 2014, she has been teaching at different locations in the Beirut area. In June 2015, she traveled to New York for an intensive 3 weeks teacher training with Maty Ezraty, one of most renowned yoga teachers in the world. Maysan considers herself a yoga student first and foremost and continues to take classes and workshops to fuel her practice and further her education. During her heart-centering classes, Maysan hopes to guide students towards gently creating more space and ease in their bodies, minds and lives, one breath at a time. Her interest in well-being in all its dimensions is supported by her academic background, as she holds a BS in Environmental Health and a Masters in Environmental Sciences. For Maysan, yoga and environmentalism go hand in hand as they both teach us to be aware that we are all connected on this planet. She believes that it is when we start using our experiences on the yoga mat to change ourselves and the world around us, that the magic of yoga truly happens.

Maysan has also studied and practiced many different holistic and energy healing techniques such as aromatherapy, herbalism, Reiki, and Access Bars, amongst others. She is in favor of prioritizing “mind-body medicine” (using the power of our thoughts and emotions to positively influence our physical health). Yoga, meditation, breathing, relaxation and other healing practices all play a role in promoting our well-being and keeping stress at bay, thus helping to prevent and/or treat dis-ease. In particular, as a certified aromatherapist, she enjoys combining essential oils with yoga and meditation, and is passionate about the role medicinal plants play in supporting our spiritual evolution, especially those plants that are considered “sacred scents” such as Frankincense and Palo Santo. To develop her knowledge in this field, she has been taking intensive courses with David Crow (one of the world’s experts in botanical medicine, and a master herbalist, aromatherapist and acupuncturist)


“I love starting the week at Maysan’s class. Her classes are the perfect mix between effort and relaxation and I always feel ready for what the week can bring afterwards. Her friendly welcome always feel like I am coming home and the encouragement Maysan gives during class continues to make me love yoga” ~ Jonathan Robinson