Mazen Harb

Mazen Harb is a Life Coach and Mentor, Holistic Practitioner, Emotional & Psychological Educator, and a Scientific Researcher. He holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and did extensive Consciousness Research, Trauma Research and Physical, Emotional & Mental Health Research in various Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychiatry Institutes and Research Centers around Europe.

He is based in Berlin, and works between Europe and Lebanon.

He is an expert in Trauma work, Emotional & Psychological Support, Music Therapy & Sound Healing, Energetic Healing and Meditation.

His main focus is to bring awareness and transformation either through one-on-one sessions or group process work. He has co-founded “Tantric Energetics”, a platform that offers to individuals and to a wide variety of professionals in different sectors tailored services from Life Coaching and Consultancy, to Emotional & Psychological Education,Therapeutic work and Healing work.

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