Moon Jerin (Canada)

Moon Jerin is the owner of Yoga of Prana studio from Canada. 

She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 22 years and kundalini yoga for over 10 years. She wanted to find a disciplined practice which helped her to deal with her stress and not just to feel relaxed. When she started Kundalini yoga, she found a profound liberation which she never experienced before. She knew that a lot of people like her in the corporate world and outside struggle with the same situation and that’s why she decided to share her knowledge and teaching in a way that’s relatable to others. 

She particularly focuses on rebirthing kriyas- 31 kriyas which are designed to clear our subconscious mind, pain and trauma from the very earlier years of our life. She is committed to continue her practice and help others to feel empowered.

Ms. Jerin, is the founder and CEO of Doctrina, a platform to provide and promote block chain education to people who has least access to it in order to make an smooth career transition. 

She started her career working for H.J. Heinz and later was appointed as a project manager for Shell. In 2013 she joined Amazon UK for the launch of Kindle HD. She has worked with Tiffany &Co, Mitsubishi Chemical, Pfizer, Airbus and many other large corporations to assist them with solving their marketing and global innovation challenges.

Ms. Jerin was the founding board member of IEEE and also the President of IEEE-Women in Engineering. She also served as Provincial Board member for Ontario Public Interest Research Group. She has served as a mentor for Hult Prize finalists, Hult Prize Lebanon Accelerator and many other Toronto based start-ups. 

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