THE EAGLE AND THE CONDOR YOGA WORKSHOP | Vinyasa meets Kashmiri | Danielle Abisaab and Rony Mecattaf 

DATE: Saturday July 13

TIME: 10:00 am > 12:30 pm

FACILITATORS: Danielle Abisaab | Rony Mecattaf 

PRICE: $40 


Let’s all agree that we are living in a world most centered on exertion of the rational mind, lust for all things material, drive for incessant action, unquenchable thirst for power, and senseless desire for dominion…”This is a man’s world” as they say. 

Let’s all agree that the deep imbalance we are experiencing and witnessing in the world  today, stems from the excessive influence of the Brain-centered Eagle (masculine) energy, at the expense of the Heart-centered Condor (feminine) energy. The Andean Quechua people clearly pointed out to this imbalance, but also foretold of a golden age in which those two energies would come to a balance, in the famous Eagle and Condor Prophecy. 

Along with Pranayama and Meditation, this workshop is about balancing the active qualities of a fiery Vinyasa practice with a more surrendered and soft Kashmiri Yoga sequence, allowing you to explore the intricate interplay between feminine and masculine energies within yourself as complementary, rather than dichotomous. 

We offer these modalities as an opportunity to perhaps shift your perception of the feminine and the masculine beyond gender discrimination, and help nourish the possibility that the time has finally come for Eagles and Condors to soar together in ample spiraling circles of harmony.