The Nightmare AFTER X-Mas Restorative Yoga Class

DATE: Saturday January 5
TIME: 5:00 PM > 7:00 PM
TEACHER: Danielle Abisaab
PRICE: $ 30


If you feel relieved that the holiday season is now officially closed, but are still unwillingly vibrating to the frequency of excess food, excess spending, excess family time, excess stress and madness, then this special class is for you.

A restorative Yoga Class I designed around wicked soundscapes and lulling poetry to soothe and appease the aftermath effects of what has been perhaps the busiest and noisiest time of the year. As you step into the new year, you are invited to refine your ability to let go, by surrendering to gravity and indulging in Earth’s continuous support, all the while projecting your intentions forward and opening your heart to new possibilities. Think of it as a New Year’s resolution with a Yogic twist.

Whereas New Year’s resolutions leave us guilty and mad at ourselves for not keeping them, intentions praise the nobility of the effort rather than focusing on what we have been doing wrong. A golden and much needed opportunity to be softer with yourself, and infuse the new year with positive change.

Danielle Abisaab