Come Together * NEW CLASS with Maya Abou Chedid

STARTS TUESDAY APRIL 30 | 8:00 pm > 9:30 pm | Register +961 3 502 123

In a modern world excelling in all kinds of numbing conditions, what looks like devoid of spiritual and human connection instigates a deep and true longing to fill and fulfill a sense of emptiness within, a sense of isolation and loneliness.

The Earth supports anything that supports life and what we are doing everyday is surviving instead of living. Using force to make things happen then feeling fragmented and depleted.

This is where our responsibility dwells. Being responsible means responding to what is needed and stopping the abuse, of our bodies, our minds, our spirit and our life.

In alignment with Union Square Yoga’s motto, “Come Together” is space held and time carved out to meet with this intention, as a community, to witness the possible changes that each one can make in his/her so-called reality from a stance of harmony with nature.

On our weekly journey, there will be guided meditation, breathwork, relaxation and unwinding with sound and shamanic invocations, explorations of the senses and sensations, honest sharing and opening to what we all experience with direct revelation.

Come Together and be present in a safe space where we all assemble, delve, listen, be witnessed, share, and learn what you need to integrate in your life.

It only takes a step. A courageous one.