Union Square wants you to have the best experience whenever attending classes, so we ask that you please be considerate to your fellow yogis and teachers by observing our Studio Etiquette. Have fun, spread the seeds and inspire others.

1- Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class time. Registering, changing your clothes and setting up your mat, with many other students doing the same takes more time than you think. Plus, you really don’t want to miss out on the precious moments opening a class. Think of it this way: Why rush to slow down when you can be on time!

2- Nothing beats walking around barefoot so kick your shoes off and place them neatly inside the shoe station at the registration desk. Feel the sand under your feet…well, you know what we mean!

3- We like to promote a silent space at USQY, so kindly turn off your cell phone, or as we like to say dumb your smart phones. If you badly must dial, or pick up, please make sure to take it outside. Speak softly, kindly and postpone arguments for after class, because chances are you won’t need to have them anymore.

4- Wear comfortable clothing, super loose or super tight might prevent you from coming into certain postures. For AERIAL YOGA, preferred apparel is tights and sleeved T-shirts. Also make sure to remove all jewelry, rings, earrings and bracelets. Clean feet please.

5- We love that you smell good but avoid wearing perfume to class. When it comes to yoga, no smell is a good smell.

6- Even though we are a little psychic and in tune with your bodies and minds, we love to know more about you. Let the teacher know prior to class if you are pregnant or suffering from any injury, or simply in need of any special kind of attention.

7- We are sorry you braved traffic and ran fast to make it on time and still arrived after class has started. If and when that happens, be mindful to sit at the back of the room and wait until the teacher directs you towards your spot.

8- We encourage that you investigate all the parts of yourself, but please avoid asking questions during class so not to disrupt other’s student flow. All of our teachers will gladly spend time with you before or after class to satisfy your curiosity.

9- Try not to skimp on savasana time (final relaxation) but if you must leave early, please notify the teacher before class and make sure to exit quietly before everyone comes into savasana.

10- We are okay considering ourselves a tiny bit OCD at Union Square Yoga, and have no problem liking things consciously and neatly placed, so we created a prop room just for you. Returning the props the way you found them is highly appreciated – – CURRENTLY INACCESSIBLE

11- Make sure to congratulate yourself before and after class, for showing up and carving out precious time out of your hectic schedule to explore your inner space. By doing so, you are contributing to making the world a much cooler place. Seriously.