Infused with a wicked NYC spirit and groove, Union Square Yoga has been breathing and kicking since 2006, thanks to Yoga Instructor Danielle Abisaab’s vision and her passion for Yoga.

An inviting space for the people, by the people with one common goal:


Come together as an individual, a collective, a planet and a creative force.

We offer a range of activities, programs, events and products which address the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of our guests and members.



by Studio Founder Danielle Abisaab

Union Square is a place dear to my heart and one among the coolest neighborhoods in NYC..
It is where I stumbled across my first yoga class, it is where I completed my training to become a Yoga teacher, it is the home of my favorite yoga studio in the world and it is where some of my most beloved people on this planet reside.

I have always contemplated the idea of substituting Union Square to Yoga Square because of the number of Yoga studios it holds per cubic block and obviously because Yoga means Union. I realize though it might be a long shot to get the city of New York to agree. One can only dream!
Union Square is a place of vibrancy and connection and affluence and originality. It is a hub of connectedness and convergence and the central nervous system of downtown NY. It is a place with an incredible amount of buzzing energy, a place for sweet gatherings. a place to play, relax, observe, be anything you want to be or simply be. Farmers, artists, skaters, bums, old people, young people, yoga people, brooklynite hipsters, manhattanite fashionistas, latinos con latinas, war veterans, and a whole bunch of crazy specimens….a place where people from different walks of life seem to harmoniously intertwine no matter what their individual story is.

From all this, came the inspiration to create locally, a space infused with the paradigm to COME TOGETHER. Come together as in body, mind and soul ….become whole, become one. Come together as in “for f***’s sake stop engaging in war and conflict already, and come together”. Come together in regards to the environment, car pool and reduce pollution. Come together as in a place of reunion. Come together as a tribute to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Joe Cocker, Eurythmics and the power that music has to bring people together.

A space located not too far from Bethlehem street on the same street as a mosque and a church. One of many synchronicities symbolizing a much needed togetherness.