Master Class with Danielle Abisaab | The elements of Life * WATER | USQY popup at Darma-Ji Batroun

Let the transformative nature of water unleash your ability to flourish, create and cleanse your lens of perception with this WATER ELEMENT Yoga Class scheduled Saturday July 25 at Darma-Ji Batroun | 10:30 am to 12:00 pm | Register WA +961 3 632 900

Are we ready to follow the path of least resistance and flow forward in the direction of freedom, connection and belonging

Are we willing to use this golden opportunity the planet is presenting us with, to shape shift into a bran new world, a world that relies on fluidity, transparency, adaptability, clarity

Just like water does with such marvelous luminosity, can we purify our archaic belief systems from excess greed and separation

Can we trust our psychic abilities, can we tap into the realm of emotions and express them constructively and wisely.

As we all rest, humbled, under this wild canopy of uncertainty and mystery, can we still garner the strength and will to bring our own unique, sparkling contribution and creativity into the world