MINDING YOUR MIND | A collaboration between Pharmacie du Quartier and Union Square Yoga


A collaboration between Pharmacie du Quartier and Union Square Yoga

DATE Sunday June 2nd

TIME 10:00 am > 12:00 pm

LOCATION Pharmacie du Quartier 


REGISTER info@pharmacieduquartier.com | Spots are limited

NOTE Bring your own mat, a huge smile and the willingness to receive insightful information


In Observance of The month of May as Mental Health Awareness month, please join us for a neighborhood Yoga Class Led by Union Square Yoga Founder Danielle Abisaab, in collaboration with Pharmacie du Quartier. The class will take place on the sidewalk facing the pharmacy and is designed to raise awareness on our overall wellbeing, offering techniques to help reduce and heal the effects of stress, while helping to foster the mind-body connection for a healthier overall stress response.

Through an invigorating Asana practice, Breath work and Meditation exercises (all of which have been scientifically proven definite in reducing medical symptoms and psychological distress) we will investigate the invisible energetic line between the body and the mind, understanding how our thoughts reside in the brain, and how the brain lives in the body.

Fundamentally, this class is designed to bring participants into greater balance with both the stressful external world, and their internal experience of mind, body, and thoughts.

Danielle Abisaab BIO

Danielle Abisaab is a 500 hours+ Registered Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Therapist and a Holistic Inspirational Coach. She is the founder of the funky Union Square Yoga in Beirut Lebanon, where she has been living since 2005. Her many years lived in New York City working as an architect, and studying the philosophy of Yoga have informed both her personal and professional life, with depth and tremendous amounts of holistic knowing and thinking.

Switching back and forth between her hardhat and her yoga leggings has enabled her to harness an exhaustive understanding of the concept of space. The Yoga philosophy allows her to help people refurbish their inner space, and her expertise in Architecture allows her to design external spaces with positive energy and kindness in mind.

Having been part of the corporate world for many years and exposed to high levels of stress, she recently felt compelled to create a HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM for the Work Place, designed to support employers as well as employees in managing, minimizing, and dealing with stress, by offering a wide array of tools such as Body awareness techniques, Meditation, Breathing and Mindfulness exercises.

Aside from running her own studio in Beirut City, where she teaches a variety of yoga classes (Vinyasa, Aerial, Restorative) and signature workshops, she is also proficient in multiple other disciplines such as sound healing and therapeutic approaches she seamlessly integrates as additional supportive tools in her private one-on-one yoga sessions.

She has chosen Instagram as a social media platform to convey her passion for writing and photography, and has been featured in many articles as one of the most influential yogis on Instagram. You will also find her moving, breathing and instructing on her online video platform yogaholic.vhx.tv

Danielle’s wildest dream and hope is for every human on this planet, to integrate the knowing that everything they need lies within themselves, and most importantly, remember that they are whole.

Email dani.abisaab@gmail.com

Phone +961 3 150 760

Website | yogaholic.vhx.tv

Instagram | @yoga_holic 

Facebook | Yoga Holic