Sonic Journey into GRATITUDE | Danielle Abisaab

DATE Tuesday November 26

TIME 6:00 pm > 8:30 pm

PRICE $ 35 | LP 52.000

REGISTER | This class fills up in a flash and spots are limited


Responding to your multiple requests, and in observance of Thanksgiving, please join me for a Sonic Journey on Tuesday November 26 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

Restorative yoga poses coupled with live sound meditation, shared in this special energy that is Gratitude, reminding us of its infinite power that elevates and expands us while guiding us to a deeper place in our own hearts.

When we feel irritated about something, angry at someone, or if we are simply stressed and tired, we dont have the energy to be grateful, and when there is no energy for giving, we find ourselves more easily and furthermore depleted of our vital energy.

Replenish the energy of gratitude by embarking on a journey of deep listening as you explore your inner tunes. From gongs to singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes and more, these overtone-emitting instruments resonating in concert with the music in your cells, will guide you into profound gratitude for all that is unfolding for you now, connecting you back to this feeling and knowing, that you are welcomed and safe in your life, no matter what your outer circumstances are.

Dropping, breathing, vocalizing, listening, dwelling in silence together, are all constituents of the landscape you will discover on this wild and REVOLUTIONary adventure.

With great gratitude



The sound meditation with Dani was an incredible, out of this world experience for me. I knew that the class would be phenomenal and I trusted that I was in great hands, but I want to excitedly share that this experience/adventure was way beyond my expectations!

The journey positively tapped into every aspect of my physical and emotional state. The combination of the yoga, the soothing breathing release and the sound meditation was mind blowing. I left feeling much lighter yet heavily enlightened…and what a beautiful Sunday I then had!

Dani, you safely held space for my release and experience and I can’t wait to delve into more surprises with you!

Gracias 🙂 _ Marisabelle Saade


The sound meditation experience is a very unique journey, which is not limited to the time spent in the studio, but goes way beyond.

For me it lasted a few days, as I had set an intention to distance myself from unwanted emotions and attachments.  

The mixture of Dani’s profound energy with the exceptional effect that sound (emitting and receiving) had on my mind helped me achieve just that! _ Joumana Brihi


The sound meditation, was an incredibly powerful experience, expertly guided and facilitated by Danielle. I personally loved the different instruments used, each one evoking a unique reaction/emotion to everyone in class. I left the session feeling grounded and present, with a sense of forgiving and release-never knew sound alone had such healing powers. I can’t wait for the next one_ Philippe Ghabayen