Sound Bath and Kirtan | Danielle Abisaab and Lara Shabb | USQY popup at Darma-Ji Batroun

If any of the below echoes, come join us at Darma-Ji Batroun, on Wednesday July 22 | 7:30 Pm to 9:30 pm | for a Kirtan  and Sound Bath co-led by Danielle Abisaab and Lara Shabb | Register WA +961 3 632 900

By getting out of our own way and moving deeper within ourselves, we can start to excavate everything out into the light. By allowing our bodies to express our own unique inner tune and become a receptor of sound, by positioning ourselves  as a non judgmental and compassionate observer with a keen awareness that whatever arises is just a reflection of our own mind in need to release the “story” attached to it, profound healing begins to take place. 

Sound meditation coupled with kieran is like a beacon always guiding us home to our higher Self