Astrid Akash

I’ve been, and still am, a pilgrim on a path of remembrance and awakening.

At present, I feel ready to hold space for my sisters; a space where they meet and connect to call back and explore their inner wisdom and power; to remember, share, create, learn, play and love. Celebrating the goddess and the spirits, the rhythm of earth and the moon.

A yoga, tantra & shakti spirit teacher, energetic healer, dancer and musician.

– Walking the “Priestess Path” with Elizabeth Wilcock – Member of the “Priestess School” with Sofia Sundari – Feminine Embodiment Coach at “School of Embodied Arts” with Jenna Ward – “Shakti Spirit” teacher with Monika Nataraj – ATS and Tribal Belly Dance with Freddie Katz – Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at EIOM GmbH European Institute of Oriental Medicine c/o – Teacher Training Courses: Ayur-Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Anti-Gravity Yoga – Fully licensed and practicing natural/medical therapist – Munich