Originally from Montreal Canada, Franky is a trained actor from UQAM University. Exploring the relationship between the public and actors, or actors among themselves, has led him to the invaluable realization that one of his main interests in life remains the beauty and depth of all human connections. Wanting to pursue a deeper understanding of these connections, he specialized in a reiki certificate at AnandaOm Academy / Montreal in 2012, and kept on delving deeper into the teachings until he gained the title of certified Reiki Grand Master and teacher of Usui Reiki.

In 2017, he moved to Lebanon and founded Blissprjct, an initiative aimed at healing, exchange and growth throught the practice and teaching of Reiki.

His various travels around the world, provide him with more opportunities to gather various tools and techniques in healing others,  while displaying a genuine and authentic curiosity for learning and touching people. His greatest goal in life is to give back, and help all the beings he crosses paths with.