Maya Abou Chedid

With studies in Biological Sciences and Clinical Research, Maya’s passion to wonder and be curious about life has always inspired her travels and connections.

Therapeutic Yogic studies and practices, Meditation, Thai bodywork as well as other alternative therapies and energy-based modalities were and still are a foundational part of her ongoing explorations with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that she practices in daily life.

Maya lived in the Amazon for several years, working and dieting medicinal trees and master plants.

She trained as a shamanic guide to help and support hundreds of guests in their journey with the plant teachers and through parts of their preparation and integration process.

With a deep reverence to the world of plant medicine and an ongoing dedication to continue her path as a medicine woman, Maya is keen to living and guiding people maintain a connection with the “medicine” of life wherever they are as well as help them in the “preparation for” and “integration” processes of plant medicine ceremonies in a healthy and practical way.