Rony Mecattaf

Rony is a Personal Development Catalyst: Gestalt-Therapist, Executive Coach and Discovery Travel Organizer. He is the founder of Echmoun Management (

His Yoga approach draws upon his trainings in various Yoga modalities (Iyengar, Anusara, Vinyasa, Bikram), and – since 2008 – in the Kashmiri Yoga tradition as taught by Eric Baret. His practice is further enriched by an extensive training in Buddhist meditation techniques, Holotropic Breathwork® and Shamanic Guidance.

Rony is a member of several professional associations and international federations. He is involved in raising awareness on environmental issues, notably through the Awakening the Dreamer® Symposium. The proud father of two, Rony divides his time between Lebanon and France, when not roaming the globe.


“Rony’s grounding presence and genuine kindness reverberate long after any class that he teaches. His humility inspires, soothes and empowers all at once. One of the best teachers I have come across on the path towards healing and wellness” Danielle Abisaab