Susan Oubari

My name is Susan Oubari. American-Parisian and married to a Lebanese, I’m a spiritual coach, Breathwork guide, Reiki master, workshop leader and founder of ‘Breathe in Paris’. I work privately in person or via Skype from my studio in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, while also leading ‘Breathe in Paris’ group classes in Paris and in cities all over the world. I’m the first to create group Breathwork classes in France, Lebanon and Morocco. Combining my 25+ years of corporate experience with over a decade of spiritual teachings, my goal is to help as many people achieve a calm, restorative balance through self-reflection, Breathwork, Reiki, and meditation.

I do what I do today because I wish there had been someone by my side when I was going through burnout at the age of 36. Living in Milan and working as a fashion photo agent, I was stressed and not spending enough quality time with my family. I had the successful career I fashion and the “perfect” life, except I was lost. The trappings of sixteen years in the fashion industry had peeled away my healthy values and my sense of self.

Fortunately, challenges are what make us stronger.

And so began my spiritual journey. I discovered Reiki in 2005. With practice, Reiki allowed me to understand my stress, to recalibrate what I valued and to gain confidence and peace of mind. My life improved, and I continued to grow in my career while attending ‘spiritual’ trainings on the side.

I set up my private Reiki practice in 2011 in Paris and then in Vancouver to help people overcome anxiety, self-doubt and stress. I became a Usui/Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master and Professional Member of The International Center for Reiki Training. I trained in Mindfulness and Tarot.

Then came Breathwork. After a profound experience during a Breathwork class in LA I completed Jon Paul Crimi’s Breathwork Teacher Certification and continued my studies with Dan Brulé. My most gratifying work today is Breathwork because it has so many naturally therapeutic benefits and anyone can do it. Breathwork brings up emotions like pain, tears, doubt and negative feelings but it also allows you to let go of them and make space for joy and peace of mind.

My goal is to inspire people all over the world to use their breath better while also teaching them the tools to live more fulfilling and peaceful lives.