Susan Oubari

Spiritual coach, breathwork guide, Reiki master and workshop leader, Susan Oubari is the founder of ‘Breathe in Paris’ which is a concept she created based on her own life experiences. In her private practice she has helped clients around the world overcome anxiety, self-doubt, stress, depression, lack of energy and procrastination. She believes that conscious breathwork, especially when combined with Reiki and mindfulness, is the key to well-being, good health and inner peace. After years of working with individual clients she created ‘Breathe in Paris’ where she offers one of a kind group classes and workshops to reach and help even more people. Her mission with ‘Breathe in Paris’ is to get people’s energy moving using breathwork and to help them live happier lives. Designed to benefit the body, mind and soul, Susan’s classes are inspirational, meditative and transformative.


Susan began her spiritual journey in 2005 in Milan when the stress and demands of her career in fashion were taking over her life. Seeking peace of mind, she found Reiki and noticed positive results immediately. She was so impressed with her transformation that she went on to complete all levels of Reiki master training so she could transform others, studying with Nita Mocanu, Colleen Benelli, Philippe Coffin and Maria de Filippi. After an extensive education from all over the world, Susan is now a Usui/Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master and a Professional Member of The International Center for Reiki Training.


Always looking to add to her practice, after a life-changing experience with breathwork teacher Jon Paul Crimi, she decided to become a breathwork guide while incorporating mindfulness from Jack Kornfield and Motherpeace tarot with Vicki Noble. She credits her daily practice for allowing her to strengthen her intuition, release her fears and find a new level of purpose in life.


Born in California and raised in Massachusetts, Susan from an early age was fascinated with art, foreign language and different cultures. She received a bachelor’s degree in Art History and French Literature from Colby College in Maine, USA and continued her education studying fashion in Paris at ESMOD. From there she quickly moved into a glamorous yet stressful career that included roles such as Art/Fashion Director, Photographer Agent, Television Journalist and Personal Stylist. She’s worked with Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Femmes du Maroc,Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Stella McCartney, Peter Lindbergh, Fashion TV and Spike Lee.Susan’s career spanned 27 years while being a mother of two and moving around the world for her husband’s job. Susan’s curiosity for a better life never stopped though, and she continued to seek out various trainings around the world to help herself and others.


In 2011, Susan opened her own Reiki studio in Paris and once again, when she and her family moved to Vancouver, Canada. Today Susan is back in Paris where she continues to work with Reiki and breathwork remotely with her international clients and in person with individuals and couples in her studio in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. ‘Breathe in Paris,’ her signature class, is inspiring people all over the world.


In her spare time, you can find Susan walking her English Cocker Spaniel in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, going for a run along the Seine, sweating it out at Cross Fit, creating a new ‘Breathe in Paris’ Spotify playlist or sipping a glass of chilled roséover dinner with her husband at a Parisian sidewalk café. Susan is fluent in French, Italian and English.