The Answer | Shifting your relationship with yourself and others | SARI AWADA


Saturday March 16 | 10:00 am > 1:00 pm | 3:00 pm > 6:00 pm

Sunday March 17 | 10:00 am > 1:00 pm | 3:00 pm > 6:00 pm

PRICE $120 for all 4 sessions | $100 early bird by March 8



The two-day workshop will offer you an immersive experience to look deep into your belief system with a host of conscious talks, meditations, and live digging sessions. The goal is to enable you to uncover limiting beliefs that exist in your subconscious mind and impact your relationship with yourself and others. As such, we will work together to delve into the reasons behind these beliefs that manifest in anxiety or negative thoughts and feelings. Most importantly, we will work together towards addressing them and finding practical solutions. You will walk away from the workshop with answers and solutions that you can apply and experience a noticeable, instant shift in your day-to-day life.


Sari Awada believes in the energy of love and its power to heal and change everything. Sari is a Theta Healing teacher and practitioner who focuses on making spirituality accessible to everyone as part of their everyday life. He discovered spirituality in Thailand after undergoing a personal life-changing experience with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher. He then moved back to Dubai where he spent two years studying Theta Healing, a technique that works on accessing the subconscious mind and shifting beliefs instantly. Today, Sari dedicates his time to helping people realize their desires in life by appreciating the power of mind and the energy of pure love.