ELEMENTAL IMMERSION RETREAT | Co-led Rony Mecattaf and Danielle Abisaab


July 2 to 5 | 2020

Arrival Thursday July 2 | 5:00 pm |

Departure Sunday July 5 | 5:00 pm |



Al Haush Agritourism



Rony Mecattaf | Danielle Abisaab 



This Yoga and Meditation immersion retreat is an opportunity to explore the 4 elements of Life, and how they affect and inform our physical, energetic, intellectual, emotional and spiritual body. A powerful and transformative journey designed to blow out the cobwebs of old conditionings and restore emotional and elemental balance, maybe even acquire a few creative tools to help us cope with the new reality we are transitioning toward.

Through earth-based spiritual experiences in nature itself, daily yoga, meditation, breath work, sound therapy, wholesome food, journaling, and more, this shared experience will set the stage for individual harmonization, blooming and renewal, while opening us all to the courage and vulnerability required for the next evolution in our life’s journey. 

Take a look, and if you feel the pull, we would be thrilled to have you spend a few special days with us



All prices are per person, and include three nights accommodation, all meals, all classes and workshops

| Single occupancy: 2,100.000 LBP |

| Double occupancy 1,800.000 LBP |

| Triple Occupancy 1,500.000 LBP |

* 300.000 LBP non refundable fee required upon registration (unless retreat cancelled by organizers) | Full payment due by June 20| Cancellations after June 30 are non refundable

** Discount available in certain cases, so please reach out to either one of us for review



Email dani.abisaab@gmail.com or rony@echmoun.com

Subject title Elemental Immersion Retreat

Please state clearly which accommodation you prefer 



Today Al Haush is an elegant Agro guesthouse and a working farm in Central Bekaa, but like other spots in this glorious countryside, it was first settled during the Neolithic times and was famous during the Roman times when the Bekaa valley used to be known as the granary of Rome (Grenier de Rome).

The Bekaa valley rich background from ruins to vineyards, and stunning landscape in between, the Bekaa makes one of Lebanon’s richest regions in heritage and nature. From the earliest days to date, its endless green valley has attracted all generations of farmers who have lived from its generous lands. Here, communities spread over villages made of mud houses and separated by a yard, called “haushs” in Arabic, where farmers lived with their families, cattle and their harvest.

From up north Hermel down to Rashaya in the southern part, the Bekaa is still home today to more than 18 “haushs” that have become an intrinsic part of the inhabitants’ lifestyle and identity. While all of them carry beautiful legacies, one eternalizes nostalgia, turning a family story into a daily celebration of authenticity.