Intro Workshop for MEN | Self Awareness and Self Healing | Mazen Harb (Berlin)

DATE Saturday August 3

TIME 10:00 am to 12:00 pm




This workshop is an invitation for all MEN who are willing to take full responsibility of their lives, for those who are ready to regain their own self-empowerment and self-healing, by aligning oneself with integrity, will and the cultivation of awareness.

During this event we come together as men to share a 2 hour introduction workshop, where we will explore our innate abilities to harmonize, ground and center ourselves through self-awareness and self-healing. We will create a safe space to allow ourselves to open up, to become vulnerable, to relearn how to receive and to find again our inner guidance, our inner compass.

A part of our coming together is an experiential Sound Healing Meditation; which is used in a structured way to move the energies in the body and to allow some of the emotions to be unblocked, deepening our connection to our essence, which is Love.

The benefits of sound and frequencies help participants to have an embodied practice; which is effective to regulate the nervous system, and to process conscious or unconscious emotions, fears and or traumas.