Date February 29, 2020

Time 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location Union Square Yoga (google maps

Price 50.000 LBP

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Pure cacao has been used for centuries as a sacred plant and a medicine to commune, unlock joyful states, release locked emotions, and connect to pure HEART energy.


Amazon Jungle


The Cacao will be served in liquid form from pure powder paste mixed with specific spices to assist and ease the connection, physically and energetically.

Cacao seeds will also be served to chew on.

General Effects

The Cacao will initiate your systems and assist the clearing work by opening the heart and addressing what you are ready to embrace and allow in your life.

Dancing: We might end with dancing, during which the cacao activates within the body and the heart, allowing a truly transformative and ecstatic process to unfold.


  • Avoid breakfast on that morning. Drink enough water before the ceremony.
  • Have a light dinner the night before.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or taking any drugs at least for 24hours before the ceremony.
  • Allow yourself some time to rest before and after ceremony especially on the same day.


Intention is key. With the help of Cacao, we will tune in to the wisdom of the body and listen to the whispers of the heart.
In creating space for things to move, we simply allow them and, in the process, we learn that we are neither thought, nor emotion.

We are merely experiencing everything about this beautiful gift called life that has been offered to us to explore our humanity on this sacred earth.


This is a very safe and intimate space and our ceremony together starts with introducing and welcoming Cacao into each person’s journey asking the Spirit of this sacred plant to guide, heal, teach and help connect us to our hearts.

Depending on what is needed, Maya offers sound and invocation- based songs in a meditative state to enter the experience and start feeling the effects of Cacao in a ceremonial setting to guide everyone to connect.

We will eventually move into sharing with each other, of what we want to let go of and what we are calling in, which creates an intention for our journey.

Allow yourself to be surprised by your ability to being curious in exploring your Self and others while realizing over and over again that we are all human beings with the same fears and sufferings, the same hopes and dreams and love connects us all together.

Depending on how the group feels and the space allows, we will include sacred motion and expression through the body.

Maya Abou Chedid