NEW CLASS | Healing Trance with Marc Michael | Starts Thursday February 20

DATE  Thursdays Bi-Monthly | STARTS Thursday February 20

TIME 8:30 pm > 10:00 pm

PRICE 30.000 LP

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This workshop is designed to transmit the basic techniques of the healing trance. In this intentional and conscious state, participants will get to reconnect with their own self-regenerative potential, at the physical and mental levels. On a spiritual plane, this state allows a reconnection to the soul, as well as to the universal life force, the Source of creative inspiration, personal guidance, and greater existential wisdom. In essence, it is an introduction to letting go of the obstacles that prevent each one from accessing the higher-intelligence hidden within themselves. The group engages in the trance around a chosen theme each week, lying down and listening to music. This collective engagement takes participants to places difficult to access on their own at an energetic level. In particular, it opens up the possibility of exploring collective avenues of growth, in challenging group patterns encoded within our selves. After each trance, the “sharing” will be devoted to exploring common themes and recurring patterns through the group’s intelligence, and to building up the group’s resources in finding creative solutions to transmute these patterns in our daily lives.

Marc Michael